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Reviews can be the # 1 decision criteria on the internet. You can buy a review now and rely on a serious service. StarDoc guarantees access to more than 45.000 professional Reviewers. Especially helpful for: Onlineshops, Businesses, restaurants, hotels and many more... Visit our product page for further details

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Why should you buy customer reviews?

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More revenue

Product reviews not only improve the conversion rate, they also raise the visitor rate by the good their impact on Google rankings.

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Faster Buying decisions

Product reviews are an important factor in the buying decision stage. Studies just proved that products with good reviews are sold more often than products without reviews.

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More trust

Product reviews create more trust towards your business and products. Trust is important especially in the decision stage of the buying process. The product reviews ensure the view of the customer. Trust towards your business and your products is important. Online reviews give your customers the necessary safety, which is needed to take the buying decision. 

Sie wollen sofort EINE BEWERTUNG KAUFEN UND mit einer Kampagne starten?

Profit from our longlasting experience in reputation management

Whenever you buy a customer review, they will be create by verified product reviewers. So you will get ein high rating quality and ensure your reputation management with a serious and service provider. In the future you can take Stardoc as a provider, who is focused on reliability and bindingness. If you want to buy reviews we will deliver just in time.

Just provide your time schedule und we will deliver your ordered number of reviews. Our review.- and ratingmangement will strengthen the back of your business. Stardoc Stardoc is reliable and only trusts verified reviewers. Furthermore you will gain a new standard of safety, because you only get verified reviews.


In case you buy a review, you can trust on a reliable service provider. It is possible to answer questions during your campaign. Just take this service as an example when buying a Jameda review. If you are planning to create a large campagain across many provider, just write down your thoughts.

While buying our review, you are having the possibility to name your individual needs. We look forward to your ideas and inspirations. In addition you will be able to to reach more customers/patients, whenever you buy a review.

Shops with less than 3,3 Star ratings sell less likely


Shops with less than 3,3 star ratings are less accepted. That is why you should improve your rating. Stardoc Stardoc can be trusted as a serious service provider, that will trust in verified reviewers only. Save your traffic on SSL server and rely on safe payment ways.

Doctoral reviews should reach at least 4 stars.

These reasons speak in favor of stardoc

More than 45.000 product reviewers lead your brand to success

Our permanent growing network of product reviewers is available for you. Furthermore we are able to provide campaigns that have international reach on many plattforms.


SSL secured connections guarantee the best data safety

Your data is secured by an IT service on your device before they are transfered through the internet. Afterwards the data is transfered via SSL and arrives savely (end-to-end signaling). 

More than 1.000 satisfied customers

You are in the center of our business. Customer service and the successful campaigns are our first priority. In addition you are going to profit from our permanent controlling features.

These reasons speak in favor of stardoc

More than 45.000 product reviewers lead your brand to success

Unser stetig wachsendes Netzwerk an Produkttestern und Rezensenten steht Ihnen zur Verfügung. Darüber hinaus sind wir in der Lage sowohl keine als auch größere Kampagnen von internationalter Reichweite auf unterschiedlichsten Plattformen abzubilden.


SSL verschlüsselte Verbindungen sorgen für eine optimalen Schutz Ihrer Daten

Your data is secured by an IT service on your device before they are transfered through the internet. Afterwards the data is transfered via SSL and arrives savely (Ende-zu-Ende Verschlüsselung). Anschließend wird die bereits verschlüsselte Datei über eine SSL-Verbindung auf unsere Server in übertragen und dort sicher abgelegt. 

More than 1.000 satisfied customers

Sie stehen bei uns im Mittelpunkt. Kundenservice sowie eine schnelle und erfolgreiche durchführung Ihrer Kampagenen stehen bei uns an erster Stelle. Zusätzlich profitieren Sie von unserem System das kontinuierlich Ihre Kampagenen überwacht und nachvollziehbar macht. Darüberhinas werden alle Kampagenen von einem unserer Rating-Manager gesteuert und überwacht.

Perfectly specific to you


Your are looking for an individual campaign for your products and have not found the right review for you and your business?

We are providing a concept that is exactly just for you and individually designed.

We will offer you a free consulting round on rating-and review management

Buying customer reviews: Reach up to 30% more revenue

for your products and services

Why should you buy customer reviews?

A large number of positive reviews is influencing the buying decision fundamentaly

Für For more than 50% of the online buyers product reviews are important  

Is it possible to buy positive reviews?

Of course you can not buy positive reviews exclusively.If your product and services fit to your given properties and advantages, you can look forward to objetive reviews, that will help you.

Revenue growth created by customer reviews?

Studies also proof that more than 50 reviews will improve and better the revenue of your products. Products and services only having less reviews are perceived as less representative. 65% of the buyers choose products only after they have read the reviews.

Who will buy my reviews?

Your reviews will onlybe written by verified and professional reviewers. With regard to our large network we are able to respect demografic and geografic factors during the conception of your campaign.