Modern marketing techniques start to seek the customer in a new way. The acquistion no longer starts in a simple and standard advertisement but tends to engage the customer more and more in different parts of the customer journey. The most interesting strategy is trying to evoke customer needs and looking for ways to attract the attention of the reader in various ways. One way is a google customer review..

Google customer reviews can make the difference. Especially in the first phase of the customer journey the customer lacks a great portion of product and market information. It is the responsibilty of the sales company to provide the neccessary information in the right place at the right time. Although product information provides a lot of product details they are rarely acknowleged by the reader. And there is an important reason for this. Ever since the information is based on a broad sense of reality and rarely consists of customer relevant information the customer trusts other sources and more often seeks those information not coming from the producer itself.

Taken this for granted customer reviews replace this information source and are more and more accepted and trusted by the potential customer. Google customer reviews are written by customers for customers. That might be the main reason why they are read regularly and excepted.

Good google customer reviews can lead to greater customer trust

The visibility of customer reviews is outstanding. There seems be a tendency of the user that people buying at Amazon e.g. are looking for star ratings. The same goes for other online shopping places. In the meantime the customer is looking for google customer reviews. A great rating can influence the buying decision. If the customer wants to buy a product he will also look for a star rating or a google customer review and can be strengened in his buying decision.

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